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Brighten Optics’ Laser Products: Get the Precision You Need

Laser products are available from Brighten Optics Ltd. Our optical laser products provide precise beams for a wide array of applications.

Please call our team to request a quote or to discuss purchasing the laser products you see here.

Laser products are available for a number of optical applications. These directional beams of monochromatic light can be used for engravings, measuring, positioning, bar code scanning, life sciences, and much more.

Blue Lasers

Brighten Optics’ blue laser offers excellent wavelength and power stability over a wide range of operating temperatures and does it all with minimum noise. The built-in temperature controller is able to stabilize the reading to within +/- 0.01 ºC, meaning that an output power stability of better than 1% is achieved over the long term. The stable power, low noise, and beam pointing stability of this laser module make it an ideal candidate for the bioanalytical, measurement, and biomedical applications.

Blue laser
Blue Lasers

***NEW*** High-Precision Position Monitoring Laser System

Does your laser application require a collimated beam with ultra-high pointing stability?

Brighten Optics is proud to introduce the ideal solution with its High-Precision Positioning Monitoring Laser System.

All features of our position monitoring laser system can be customized to your application, and our system also includes any number of optional, customizable beamsplitter cubes to help monitor the laser beam position at other intermediate locations along the beam propagation axis. Please consult us with your requirements, through email at or by telephone at 1-604-241-9586.


  • High stability

  • Dependable reliability

  • Low power consumption

  • Compact size


  • Display

  • Laser scanning

  • Scientific research

  • Surveying

  • Biomedical applications

  • Chip inspection

high-precision position monitoring laser system
High-Precision Position Monitoring Laser System
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